How To Get Creases Out Of Blackout Curtains

So, you’ve recently bought brand new blackout curtains, but when you opened the package there were wrinkles on it. Read this guide if you want to get rid of the wrinkles in the safest possible manner.

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In this guide, we’ll discuss the following agendas:

  1. Techniques to get wrinkle-free blackout curtains
  2. Conclusion

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Do you know any window dressing that goes with your overall decor, blocks all sunlight, blocks wind, reduces noise, and limits the heat from entering your room?

Well, blackout curtains do all of these feats without much hassle.

However, when you buy them from a store or order the package online, you’re surprised to see the wrinkles on them. It might not be a big deal for some people, and they go about their daily routine, but for some people, it might be annoying and frustrating. To get the creases out of your curtains, you have to follow some steps because unlike ordinary curtains, the wrinkles won’t go away on their own and it might stay there permanently.

There are a couple of ways to get the creases out of the blackout curtains and following them with precautions would do the job without any unnecessary damage to the curtains. Also, It is worthwhile to note here that the back of the curtain is of foam or rubber, and you can’t throw them in the dryer to remove the wrinkles as it might break it.

Techniques To Have Crease-Free Blackout Curtains

Here are some simple and effective ways to remove the wrinkles or creases from your blackout curtains.


The first method is to use the iron steam to get rid of wrinkles from the blackout curtains. It is an easy and effective way to steam out the creases from your blackout curtains. But before proceeding with this method, make sure that the curtains are hung, and the wrinkled areas are standing out.

First, try to crease out either the back or the front side. The following steps are for both front and backside:

  1. Turn on the iron, and let it warm up to its steaming temperature of between 1400-1600 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. It is best if you have a garment steamer as it won’t damage your fabric. Otherwise, you can be extra cautious to avoid any damage.
  3. Grab another pair of hands to stretch the curtain so that the steam of the iron would shoot through the fabrics and other layers
  4. Stand at the side where the foam or rubber backing is and shoot the steam through iron. Ask your companion to handle the bottom of the curtain firmly but not tightly
  5. Glide the iron slowly from upward to downward direction with delicacy and operate in sections if there are several wrinkles
  6. Never let the iron touch the rubber or foam as it might melt it.
  7. After blowing steam, let it cool for a while. Ask your partner to stretch the fabric outward tautly
  8. Once you’re done with the backside of the curtain, repeat the same process for the front side.


Before considering dryer to get the creases out of your blackout curtains, make sure to read the manufacturer’s guidance. If it is not recommended to machine wash them or dry them, then it is best to use the spot removing method.

If recommended by the manufacturer, then you can wash or dry them to get the wrinkles out. When drying, make sure to use a damp towel or washcloth with the curtains in the dryer. Also, set the dryer at the lowest heat setting. 


Humidity can free the wrinkles out of your blackout curtains if the wrinkles are not in abundance or deep. You might’ve noticed many times that curly hairs straighten out in rain or humidity. Similarly, the same can work for the blackout curtain creases. 

If you’re considering humidity to remove the creases out of blackout curtains, consider the following steps:

  1. Hang your curtains in the bathroom and take your steamy shower as usual or just let the hot water run for some time to generate steam. 
  2. After finishing your shower or close the hot water tap and close the door, and let the curtains hang in the bathroom for about two to three hours. The steam accumulated from the hot water will help in clearing out wrinkles from blackout curtains.

How To Iron Blackout Curtains?

You may already be using iron’s steam to get the creases out of blackout curtains, but you might not be satisfied with the results. If this is the case, then you can directly iron your curtains. You might be shocked with this option, but it is possible with some extra care and concentration. Take the following pro steps, and you would be in good hands dealing with your curtains.

  1. Set up the iron table firmly and put aluminum foil over it
  2. Set the curtain on the foil with the insulation side down. You shouldn’t iron the insulation side as it may melt the foam or rubber. The foil helps the heat to distribute uniformly
  3. Place a thin bed sheet to cover the fabric of the curtain as it might get burned by the iron’s heat. The bed sheet protects from too much heat of the iron
  4. Set the iron to its lowest heat setting and make sure that you take one small section at a time
  5. Once you’ve ironed out one area, move to the next one
  6. Once the creases are cleared, quickly hang them back on the rod so that the wrinkles won’t come back.


Creases on your blackout curtains can downgrade the style of your room. If you’ve recently bought new curtains, then you might’ve noticed they come with some wrinkles on it. In this article, you’ve learned about some of the easy, safe and effective ways to get the creases out of your blackout curtains, such as iron steaming, drying, etc. The best part about these techniques is that they are cost-effective. You do not have to buy any additional stuff or hire a professional as all the things required are easily available in every home. 

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