Flamingo P Blackout Curtains Review

This is one of the finest and most useful products for decorating your home especially your living room. The Flamingo P Blackout Curtains are an elegant choice of draperies that add a sophisticated dark environment to your room.

These are not like simple curtains, they actually work to block the Sunlight and harmful UV rays from entering your room. The double layer of curtains is designed for providing excellent insulation to the room. Thus, you can look at them as environment-friendly curtains keeping you and your family safe without compromising the sophistication of your living room. With the features of soundproofing, thermal insulation, and energy efficiency they can be the best thing you add to your living room décor.


Who Is This Blackout Curtain For?

The product is a perfect choice for the people who prefer being in their personal space without any interference. The soundproofing and thermal insulation feature provides you with a sense of security. It is suitable for the late sleepers who do not like being disturbed by the early morning sunlight. Infants, children and older people need more sleep and so installing these blackout curtains in their rooms would provide with theme extra sleeping time. The ideal for this product are computer operators and shift workers who have odd sleeping times. They often find it difficult to manage their sleep in day time with all the light. But, with these curtains they can turn the day into night and sleep peacefully.

It is however, not a good choice for the readers who need good light for reading their books and children who study in the living room.

What’s Included?

The curtains come in a full package and are already sewn to save you from all the trouble sewing them. They come in a ready to install form where you only have to put them up on the rods. The curtains are double layered for extra thermal insulation. The layers are perfectly sewn together. They are sold in pair with 2 full blackout curtain panels. Each panel measures W52″ x L84″. Each panels is accessorised with 8 metal grommets on the top for easy installation and sliding over the rod.

The only thing missing in the package is the curtain rod, which might also be added to further facilitate the installation for the customers.

Overview of the features

Based on high technology, the curtains include all the latest features missing in the ordinary curtains such as:

Double layer

The curtains are double layered and made with triple weave textured technology. The double layering is perfect to provide noise reduction, energy saving and temperature control. The outer layer is made of duchesse fabric with a silk feeling and inner layers is made of smooth, thick and soft natural woven blackout fabric.

Elegant and soft

Apart from providing thermal insulation, they sure add elegance and sophistication to the room with their sleek designs. They are crafted from the super soft high quality triple weave Silk Satin fabric. You get to choose from the variety of color options available to complement the overall look of your living room.

High performance

The heavy yet soft and durable curtains block out sunlight and UV rays from entering your room and thus providing a safe private environment. The lined construction of these draperies makes them environment and ECO friendly.

Complete blackout

The advanced triple weave technology of these curtains effectively blocks sunlight, UV rays, wind and noise. Thus it provides your room with a protected environment with sound proofing and thermal insulation. This is important for not only your protection but also prevents the furniture from fading. The blackout also helps you sleep better and longer.

How To Get The Most Out Of It

It is important to be careful while installing and using this product. You do not have to worry much about the installation since it comes as a ready-to-use product. To use these curtains effectively, install them in the room which is most exposed to sunlight and the one used the most.

Wash the curtains regularly to keep their insulation properties intact. They can be washed in machine for easy care but only with a non-chlorine bleach for protecting the color and finishing. Warm iron and tumble dry as and when needed.

Pros & Cons

  • Multiple Colours
  • High Quality Material
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Install
  • Varying in size


The best alternative to these curtains is the NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Eyelet Top Room Darkening curtains. These also come as a pair with two panels that are also double lined. However, they are better than the Flamingo P blackout curtains as they provide far better thermal and sound insulation than the later. They are heavy microfiber curtains interwoven by high density black yarn for perfect blacking out.


To sum up, if you are one of those persons that like to be in their personal space and sleep peacefully without interruption, then this is your best option. Using these curtains you can turn your day to night and be protected from sunlight, UV rays and sound. Get the complete blackout feel with the high performing Flamingo P blackout draperies. Moreover, with these curtains you do not have to worry about the living room décor for all the sophistication they add to your room.


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