Do Blackout Curtains Save Energy: Facts you need to know

Do Blackout Curtains save energy? We know that they block the light quite efficiently, and to some extent block heat as well. But do they actually help in reducing your energy bills? In this guide, we answer this question comprehensively.

In this post, you’ll learn about the following things:

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Shockingly, 30% of your home’s heating energy wastes out of the window in the winter season. Similarly, during the summer season, 75% of the sunlight directed at you will come into your house through the windows and will raise the temperature of it.

This loss of heating energy in the winter and accumulation of heat in the summer puts extra pressure on your heating and cooling systems to maintain the temperature of your home at a comfortable level, and as a result, it adds digits to your energy bill. So, how can you trap that escaping heating energy during winter and block the sunlight from entering your home during summer, and at the same time, reduce your energy bills? The answer is simple, consider installing energy-efficient blackout curtains.

What Are Insulated Curtains?

Insulated curtains, unlike ordinary curtains, have an energy-efficient system capable of preventing heat transfer, blocking out light and reducing noise. The system is usually made up of 4 layers:

  • A reflective film layer that reflects the heat back into the room.
  • A core layer of high-density foam that secludes the windows from heat and sound transactions 
  • A vapor barrier layer to prevent the foam from absorbing any moisture.
  • An outer layer made up of decorative fabric

There are numerous types of insulated curtains, such as Roman shades hobbled shades, side-draw shades, and classic curtains. You’ll also find draperies, valances, shutters and other systems that share the same blackout-curtain sophistication.

As the outermost layer of the blackout curtain is of decorative fabric, you can customize your curtains’ color, style, and type according to the overall decor of your home.

What Is The Difference Between Light And Energy?

Before we get to know whether the blackout curtains can save energy or not, it is better to know the difference between light and energy


The light that comes into the house is a source of illumination. Just like artificial lights, it helps us to see things clearly, but there is a catch. The light that streams in can heat the room quickly. Therefore, you might be thinking about saving a few bucks by using natural light, but you maybe be paying, even more, to cool down the temperature of your room.

During the winter season, the situation might not be the same, and you can leave your curtains open during the day for the sun heat to warm your room. However, It is best practice not to open the curtains if the sunlight is not falling directly into you. In such a scenario, the heat would remain entrapped in your room rather than escaping through windows.


Energy is what you need to light bulbs, run appliances and heat or cool your homes. You pay bills for the amount of energy you use, and it can be expensive.

Most people spend about 50% in heating or cooling of the house and the rest of it in running appliances and lighting bulbs and so on. As a result, light is significantly adding digits to your energy bills and keeping that light, and unwanted heat outside of the window will help in lowering energy bills.

Do Blackout Curtains Save Energy?

The principal function of a blackout curtain is to block the outside heat from entering into the room. Your home’s windows are similar to a membrane in the sense that they allow sunlight to pass through but keep the odors and air outside. However, the outside heat also passes through, thus increasing the temperature of your room, which is not desirable. 

Without any barrier, you’re likely to lose about 25% of your heated or cooled air. As a result, your furnace or air conditioning system would be pumping unnecessarily, thus increasing your bills.

So, the question remains, do blackout curtains save energy? To answer this question in one word, yes, they do.

Blackout or Insulated curtains help preserve your house from the four main types of heat losses, such as conduction, infiltration, convection, and radiation and these types of heat losses occur through and around your windows. Simply put, blackout curtains block the heat from entering during summertime and entraps the heat inside the room during winters. Thus, saving energy and at the same time reducing heating and cooling costs.

What Can Blackout Curtains Do?

There are three main functions of a blackout curtain

Block Light

Some curtain brands claim to have blackout curtains that can block 99% of the sunlight. People who work nightshifts can suffer from health issues due to their irregular sleeping habits. Therefore, blackout curtains can help them find their sleeping habits by creating an ambiance of a night during the daytime and can help them relax and reclaim their energy levels. Moreover, it can help people living in an area where sunlight lasts for 20-22 hours a day.

Saves Energy

As state above, blackout curtains can reduce your energy bills by putting less pressure on your heating and cooling systems. According to some manufacturers, the blackout curtains can reduce thermal energy losses to about 25% by entrapping it inside the room. It would reduce your utility bills, as well as greenhouse gases.

Block Noise

The population of the world is increasing at an alarming rate, and so is the noise with it. Excessive noise can have a negative physical and psychological effect on human beings. Blackout curtains do not soundproof your room, but they definitely would reduce noise to some extent. For example, eclipse curtains claim to damp the noise by 40%.

Miscellaneous Functions

Besides the above functionalities, the blackout curtains can protect the furniture and floor of your room from sun damage and fading.

Additionally, the quality of the decorative fabric has also increased over time. You may have remembered from your visits to the hotels that the curtains were plastic-feeling like polyester, but nowadays they are much softer and less-static.

Moreover, blackout curtains can be used to create pitch black darkness in rooms, such as a home theater room or media room.

While blackout curtains are more expensive than their counterparts, they compensate for their higher cost by reducing energy bills and preserving your home furniture.

Curtains vs. Windows

Energy-efficient windows are used to prevent the heated or cooled air from leaving your room and consequently reduce the energy bills significantly. However, they are costly than the blackout curtains, and if you’re on a tight budget, then the curtains are your best option. Some of the blackout curtains are even better at efficiency than those energy-efficient double pane windows.

Moreover, curtains are more stylish and customizable, and you can select your custom styled curtains to match the decor of your room. Also, they lit up the room with their eccentric styles and design.

Do They Come In White?

Well, when you think about blackout curtains, the first picture that comes to mind is a dark and heavy fabric curtain. Right? Fortunately, this is not the case. What if you wanted a white blackout curtain instead of the traditional black? You always want your curtains to be in line with the decor of your house. Well, there are curtains, shades, and blinds with very stylish colors and headings (top of the curtain) available in the market. If you’re interested in a grommet top, rod pocket or even blinds or shades, there is a blackout fabric for that.


Every homeowner or renter wants to reduce their energy bills. You might be using your furnace or air conditioning system throughout the year, and costs associated with it can be shocking. Most of the blackout curtains block about 99% of the sunlight and thus can save you from unwanted heat and can lower your energy bills.

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