Best Vases for Tulips 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

These days it might be a little cold and boring, but if you’re planning to do something to refresh yourself, bring in some fresh flowers. I suggest going for the tulips because they are inexpensive and are plentiful in stores during the spring season.

However, matching the flowers to the right vase is also an art. If you have the right flower for any particular flowers, it will produce a more beautiful and refreshing impact. Whether you’re planning to buy tulips or already have them at your place, you’ll need a beautiful vase for arranging them. In this post I’ll tell you some tips to choose a perfect vase and let you know about the best ones available for tulips.

Top Rated Best Vases for Tulips





Best for wedding party event

100% Handmade Glassware

Best tulip vase for gift


Best modern style tulip vase


Best wide tulip vase


Best handmade tulip vase

Handmade Glass

Best versatile tulip vase


Best tulip vase for gift

25% Lead Crystal

Best wooden vase for tulips


Best ceramic vase for tulips


Best cylindrical tulip vase


Tips to choose Best Vases for Tulips

There are a variety of designs and sizes available when it comes to vases but you have to make sure that they look perfect with your tulips. There are some general rules when it comes to choosing the vase for your favorite flowers:

  • The length of the stem should be more than the height of the vase; it should be around 1.5 to 2 times more.
  • The neck of the vase shouldn’t be too wide as it won’t support the stems and then there would be no shape of arrangement.
  • A very narrow neck can damage the stems and also effect the shape arrangement.

Knowing how to choose the right vase for your flowers is imperative for flower arrangement. Following are the vase types that you might want to consider

Hourglass Vases

The hourglass vase is a versatile one and is good for flowers with short stems and large round flowers such as roses. These vases are wide at the bottom, narrow in the middle, and slightly wide from the top. Since you’re looking for a vase for tulips, this one might not be your choice.

Round Vases

These vases are round and have a slightly narrow head; this allows you to keep the flowers firmly in place. The round vases are good for large flowers and those with firm stems. These vases are completely round and don’t have a neck. You can arrange tulips in round vases but make sure that the bunch is a thick one. s

Column Vases

Column vases are tall and are perfect for flowers with long stems such as tulips. The vases look elegant and can beautify the flower arrangement by far. The structure of the column vases keep the stems upright and makes sure that the flower arrangement looks sleek and balanced.

Bus Vases

Bud vases are small vases that allow you to showcase cluster of petite blooms or individual stems. You can place this type of vase on dinner table or place them on your bed side.

Rectangular Vases

The rectangular vases look awesome as they give a modern to look your space. These vases are also a good choice for arranging tulips as they give good space to them for growing.

Cylinder Vases

Cylinder vases don’t have a neck and this makes flower arrangement a bit difficult. These vases are perfect for thick and large bouquets and they are a good choice for tulips. When you put the tulips inside a cylinder vase make sure that they stay in place and cover the entire vase.

How to arrange tulips in a vase?

Arranging tulips in your vase is also an art and if you do it nicely, your vase and flowers both will look Follow these simple steps to arrange tulips in a vase:

Take a vase and add food

Take a very clean vase and fill it with room temperature water. Make sure that the water level is 1/3 of the total height. Now add the cut flower food to the water in the vase. You can also add two drops liquid bleach in a gallon of fresh water and one teaspoon sugar for nourishment.

Trim the stems

Hold the stem of each tulip next to the vase so that you can take idea of how much you have to trim. Then take a sharp knife and cut the stem at 45 degrees. Cut down if there’s any white stem tissue and remove the leaves under water line. Recut the stems daily and add nourishment regularly.

Take care of them daily

Always keep the tulips in a cool area because heat can reduce the bloom time. If the tulips have drooped after arranging, insert a pin through the stem below the flower head and then take it out. This way the holes will allow water to pass through and provide nourishment to the flowers.

Top picks for Best Vases for Tulips

Arranging tulips is a bit challenging but if you have the right vase, you’ll be able to do it easily. Also there are many different types of tulips and thus it is imperative that you understand which type of tulip goes in which vase. If you’re confused about getting the right vase for your tulip, check our list of the best vases for tulips:

1. WGV Cylinder Vase- (Best for wedding party event)


  • Material: 100% handmade glassware
  • Width : 5’’
  • Height: 5’’, 6’’, 8’’, 10’’, 12’’, 14’’, 16’’, 18’’, 20’’, 24’’, 35’’
  • Thickness: 0.2’’
  • Brand: Wholesale Glass Vases (WGV) International

WGV Cylinder Vase Review

The WGV Cylinder Vase is a simple cylinder vase made up of transparent glass. With your favorite tulips arranged in it, it can add a modern touch to your space and fill your life with colors. It features a smooth body curve and clear texture. The top rim of the vase is cut to perfection and there is a perfect sealed rim on the top instead of the cheap machine-made one.

To place the tulips in the vase for the first time, you need to first wash it with warm soapy water and then dry it with a lint free cloth. You must never wash the vase in a dish washer as it can damage the hand-made texture. To care for your tulips in a better way, keep changing the water frequently so that no film builds up on the walls of the vase.


  • It features handmade glassware.
  • It has an elegant and simple design.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • The glass is thick and sturdy.


  • Some users reported there are bubbles.

2. Slymeay Flower Vase- (Best tulip vase for gift)


  • Material: Glass
  • Width: 5’’
  • Height: 10’’
  • Brand: Slymeay

Slymeay Flower Vase Review

The Slymeay flower vase is not only good for home decoration, but for office and restaurant decoration purposes too. It has a wave shape pattern and a large design. The glass vase features tulips designed on it which shows that it is perfect for tulip flower arrangement. The sides and bottom of this glass vase have a thick design and features high quality lead-free crystal glass.

There vase looks transparent and beautiful and can keep the tulips held in a beautiful arrangement. It is very versatile and can be used for modern as well as antique home décor. You can place it anywhere at your home, but it makes a perfect statement on the dining table. The thick and slender design of the vase makes it perfect for tulips.


  • There are no wrinkles or bubbles on the glass.
  • It is shock resistant and non-breakable.
  • It is easy to wash.
  • The size is perfect for tulips.


  • A customer reported that it had sharp glass fragments left-over inside.  

3. Bormioli Rocco Vinciana Flower Vase- (Best modern style tulip vase)


  • Material: glass
  • Width:
  • Height: 9 inches
  • Brand: Bormioli Rocco

Bormioli Rocco Vinciana Flower Vase Review

Bormioli Rocco is a trusted Italian brand and has been providing contemporary and stylish collection to bring style to your table. The Vinciana flower vase is a good choice for arranging tulips as it will beautify the flower arrangement by providing good support to the stem. The glass vase features a small foot at the bottom and a flare at the upper portion with scalloped edges.

It has a solid feel and look and can hold lots of tulips to provide good arrangement. It is very sturdy and can withstand knocks and blows. The good thing is that it is very affordable and the manufacturer didn’t compromise on the quality in spite of the reasonable price. If you’re planning to gift a vase to someone, the Vinciana would be an ideal choice.


  • It is very sturdy and durable.
  • It has a solid and classy look.
  • It can hold a good size arrangement.
  • It is available at an affordable rate.


  • It can tip over.

4. Floral Supply Online Wide Cylinder Glass Vase- (Best wide tulip vase)


  • Material: Glass
  • Width: 5’’
  • Height: 8’’
  • Brand: Floral Supply Online

Floral Supply Online Wide Cylinder Glass Vase Review

The Floral Supply Online is a trusted American brand that manufactures authentic, consistent, and high quality products. This vase is a wide glass cylinder style vase and you can put lots of tulips in it to obtain a beautiful and thick flower arrangement. The vase features a thick glass and the base is sturdy so that the vase remains stable and doesn’t tip over.

It has a simple and classic cylinder design and is tall and wide enough for a large bouquet. The vase comes in a nice packaging and there are no imperfections in the design. It has a perfect size and can be used for all types of table decorations. Most of the glass vases are different from how they are pictured but this one is same as it is shown.


  • It is solid and sturdy.
  • It is a high quality glass vase.
  • There are no manufacturing faults.
  • It is exactly as it is advertised.


  • It is a bit expensive.The pump is a bit loud.  

5. Luxury Large Handmade Glass Vase- (Best handmade tulip vase)


  • Material: Handmade glass
  • Width:
  • Height:
  • Brand: Anna’s Exclusive Decor

Luxury Large Handmade Glass Vase Review

This is a handmade glass vase and is decorated by an artist. It has a unique look and is made up of finest materials. It features smooth cut edges, thick walls, and a heavy bottom that makes sure that the vase is stable. This glass vase is lead-free and 100% free unlike other crystal glassware. It comes in a golden gift box that makes it perfect for gifting on various occasions.

The vase has a sleek transparent body and it features a large crystal from SWAROVSKI and a sandblasted tulip décor that adds style to it. The vase is skilfully handcrafted and it looks amazing after arranging tulips in it. The good thing about this handmade glass vase is that it looks gorgeous with or without flowers.


  • It is made up of finest materials.
  • It comes in a beautiful golden gift box.
  • There are no bubbles or irregularities.
  • It is safe to use as it is lead-free.


  • It is expensive.

6. Libbey Harbor Pillar Glass Pedestal Vase- (Best versatile tulip vase)


  • Material: glass
  • Width: 6.5’’
  • Height: 11’’
  • Brand: Libbey

Libbey Harbor Pillar Glass Pedestal Vase Review

This is a pedestal style footed vase and is used for displaying lots of items such as tulips, candles, seashells, and more. It comes in a package of 2 glass vases and you can arrange tulips in both of them if you have a large bouquet. The two vases are though a bit heavy, but they are very compact and can be placed anywhere without worrying about them occupying any space.

They come in a perfect packaging and are very well-made. The Libbey glass vases are very versatile and you can use them for a variety of purposes. They are made up of good quality glass that lasts till long if you care properly. The vase can be hand-washed only and if you are concerned about other handling or care instructions, contact the manufacturer.


  • The package contains 2 vases.
  • They are sturdy and elegant.
  • They hold up tulips very well.
  • It is very versatile.


  • They are a bit heavy.

7. Waterford Lismore Candy Bud Vase- (Best tulip vase for gift)


  • Material: 25% lead Crystal
  • Width: 3.43’’
  • Height: 5.12’’
  • Brand: Waterford

Waterford Lismore Candy Bud Vase Review

The Wateford Lismore Candy Bud Vase is a beautiful and unique one. You can enhance the beauty of your tulips by arranging in them according to your preference. The vase features a beautiful combination of clarity and perfection. It allows you to create flower arrangement of beautiful tulips and provides good support to the stems. The vase is available in 5 different colors with opulent gold touches.

The tulip vase should be hand washed only and you must also change the water frequently so that your flowers remain fresh and the vase looks clean and bright all the time. It comes in a high quality gift box and is a perfect choice for a gift item. The Waterford packaging is known for one of the best gift packaging.


  • It can prove to be a beautiful gift.
  • It comes in a gorgeous gift box.
  • It has a small and compact design.
  • It holds tulips very well.


  • It looks cheap 

8. Villacera Handmade Tall Round Mango White Vase- (Best wooden vase for tulips)


  • Material: Wood
  • Width: 6’’
  • Height: 12’’
  • Brand: Villacera

Villacera Handmade Tall Round Mango White Vase Review

The Villacera handmade vase is a unique one as it is hand-crafted from sustainable mango hardwood. The vase is stylish and features a crisp white finish along with deep hand-carved grooves. The vase is made from tough mango wood which makes it durable and eco-friendly. Each piece features natural carvings and is ideal for you if you are looking for a non-glass vase.

To clean the vase, you must clean it with damp cloth and then towel dry it. It is big and beautiful and can produce a nice flower arrangement for tulips. The vase looks exactly same like it is pictured, in fact some users claim that it is prettier than the picture. The Villacera handmade vase is elegant and durable and is available at a good price.


  • It is very solid and stable.
  • It doesn’t tip over easily.
  • Can accommodate a wide variety of flowers.
  • It is hand-crafted from natural materials.
  • It is environment-friendly.


  • It has a terrible smell. 

9. MoonLa White Ceramic Vase- (Best ceramic vase for tulips)


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Width:
  • Height:
  • Brand: MoonLa

MoonLa White Ceramic Vase Review

The MoonLa White Ceramic Vase is a decent white vase with a round mouth. It is a 2 vase set and both of the vases in the package have a unique shape. The vases are made up of advanced pottery clay and features fine workmanship. The vase has a natural and beautiful line from the top to the bottom and there is a special glaze finishing that makes the vase sparkle.

The set of vases is perfect for home décor, flower arrangement, house warming gifts, and more. Tulips would look beautiful in this vase because they are tall and have the ability to hold the stems straight, thus providing a natural flower arrangement. The vase comes in a breakage-proof package which can act as a gift box too.


  • It is very affordable.
  • The weighted base ensures stability.
  • It features beautiful glaze.
  • It is of outstanding quality.
  • It is very sturdy.


  • It is too thin.

10. MagicPro Flower Vase- (Best cylindrical tulip vase)


  • Material: Glass
  • Width: 6’’
  • Height: 12’’
  • Brand: MagicPro

MagicPro Flower Vase Review

The MagicPro flower vase is a large one and is very thick and sturdy. It has a thickened design on the sides and the bottom and this makes it more durable. The vase is made up of high quality lead-free crystal glass that looks stylish and elegant. The vase looks bright and very glaring as compared to other vases. It comes in a safe packing and is good for presenting as a gift.

The tulip vase has no bubbles, sharp corners, or wrinkles and is thus free from imperfections. The thick walls make it shock resistant and even if it tipped over or fell down, you shouldn’t be worrying about it breaking into pieces. It is easy to wash and clean and if you take proper care, it will last till many years. The vase can hold tulips beautifully, especially if you have a large bouquet of them.


  • It has a beautiful multi-colored design.
  • It is heavy and of high quality.
  • It is thick and sturdy.
  • It is shock resistant.
  • It is easy to wash.


  • It looks a bit dull..  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the water in the vase turn cloudy or yellowish?

The water turns cloudy or yellowish because of the growth of bacteria there. A film or layer of bacterial growth is formed on the cut base of the stems, which prevents the flowers from absorbing nutrients and water. To avoid this, you must change water of the container frequently.

How long will my fresh cut tulips last?

With proper care, fresh cut tulips should last from 3 days to one week. If you want your tulips to last longer, you must get tulips with flower heads that are just starting to open. Also, use a clean sharp knife to cut the base of the stem, this way they’ll last longer.

Can I revive my wilted tulips?

Sometimes flower become fresh if you immerse them in a large container of water or sink. Flowers get wilted when they lose the moisture and when the get maximum exposure for absorbing the nutrients, they feel fresh again.

Can I place my fresh cut tulips in direct sunlight?

No, fresh cut flowers should be placed in indirect sunlit areas. If you’ll put them in direct sunlight, it will only accelerate the evaporation of water and make them dry out faster.

Bottom Line

If you’re fond of keeping fresh tulips and grabbing a bunch or two at the store is your favorite hobby, then you must choose one of the best vases for tulips reviewed in this post. The vases reviewed here are versatile, durable, and can make a beautiful flower arrangement for your tulips. Our top pick is the WGV Cylinder vase, it is from a well-known brand and is very versatile. However, making a choice depends on your preferences as to which size and shape you’re looking for your tulips.

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