Best Toy Box for Living Room 2021

Toy boxes are always a cool thing to add to your living room; you don’t want that messy look of toys spread around the entire room.  

Also, if you have kids, you might be worried about the all-time messy look of your living room. Buying the best toy box for living room can save you in many ways and can be a life-changer for you. You must be thinking about how a toy storage basket can be so helpful to you. Let us explain.  

Top Rated Best Toy box for Living Room

Toy Box for Living Room

Toy Box for Living Room


Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box Chest with Smart Lift Top Linen Fabric – Best Multipurpose Toy Box for Living Room 

KidKraft Austin Toy Box, White

Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid – Best Collapsible Toy Box For kids 

Humble Crew, Natural/Primary Kids' Toy Storage Organizer

1:64 Scale Toy Cars Matchbox Wheels Diecast Display Case Wall Cabinet Rack Hot-(NO Door No Cover

Why is the Best Toybox for Living Room Worth the Hype?  

There are many reasons for this. Let’s get into them.  

The best toy box for living room has a lot to offer, you can easily store your kid’s toys in there, which will make it easier for you to maintain and clean your room, but it will also extend the life of the expensive toys.  

Further, it would be best if you had them because most often, it happens that there are tiny bits of toy parts that might cause you to yell ouch when you accidentally land your foot on it; yes, it happens.  

Also, there are sharp edges in toys that might bruise you badly; that’s why you need to keep them safe in a toy box. 

Just as its name implies, a toy box is a beautifully crafted fancy box that can be made up of several materials like wood, steel or straw. Its upholstery can range from classic-looking leather to natural fabrics such as hand-woven linen.  

There are various other features such as compartments for storing different sorts of toys and safety features such as the children lock so that your naughty children can’t get the unlimited supply of toys every time they need. All these features in the best toy box for living room make it worth buying.  

We think you need the best living room toy box urgently. Confused about how to get it? Stay calm! It’s coming to you.  

List of 5 Best Toy Boxes for Living Room 

Are you ready to buy the best toy box for living room? If yes, get excited because we have selected some of the best tried and tested toy boxes that will make you want to grab one for your child. Below is a list of some of the top-notch products. 

1. Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box Chest with Smart Lift Top Linen Fabric – Best Multipurpose Toy Box for Living Room 

Are you having space issues in your living room but want to add a beautiful and classic looking toy box for your kids? 

 We have a perfect solution for you; Otto & Ben Folding Toy Box is designed specifically to suit your spacing needs as it is the best toy box for living room.  

Its complete structure is foldable, which means that you can save yourself a lot of space when the toy box is not needed; it also makes its relocation quite an easy process.  

This exquisite toy box is especially for those living in apartment buildings or who are on rent. 

Again, the awesome toy box is a two in one ottoman plus toy box product, so you can use it for sitting on, enjoy your coffee or conversation with your loved ones.  

The box’s material is fibreboard which means it is sturdy enough to carry the weight of a healthy adult. The upholstery is made up of linen and is available in grey and brown colour.  

Another great feature of this toy box is that the lid can be opened in two ways, saving your child time because your kid doesn’t have to completely remove the lid to search for the toys. Hence, you can ultimately call it the best toy box for living room. 

Now, your living room will look elegant with this piece of art and be clean and maintained. Big or small, this chest has got plenty of space for the toys in a single spacing and toy storage basket. 


  • Dimensions (inches): 29.9 x 15 x 15 
  • Weight: 14 pounds 
  • Material: Fiberboard with linen upholstery 
  • Colour: Available in light grey, dark grey and brown 
  • Extra feature: Foldable lid and body 
  • Two in one toy box
  • Easily foldable
  • Lid is extremely customizable to open.
  • Tough material that adds to durability
  • Enchanting color and mesmerizing look.
  • Best for using in condos and apartments.
  • Ottoman is not comfortable for a person with a large stature.
  • A user complained about the stench inside the box.

2. KidKraft Austin Toy Box, White – Best Toy Box For Toddlers 

KidKraft Austin brand brings you an amazing chest styled incredible yet the best toy box for living room that comes with many features to suit your needs.  

It is built out of tough Wood Plastic material, which means that it will last for ages in your living room. Its simplistic design helps you if you want to keep an adult look in your living room. 

There is plenty of room to sort any toy as there is satisfactory space inside the chest.  

The height of the box is approximately two feet while its length is two and a half feet which makes it neither too much nor too small to stuff your child’s jumbo-sized toys; the width is one and a half feet which means it will not hinder the walkway when placed against the wall of your living room. 

The best part of this product is that your child can enjoy a tea party while sitting on it; its lid and back support is made to give your child a place where he/she can sit and enjoy freely. 

 This sitting can also support adults, so you can tie your shoe while using this toy box as a chair. There are side cut-out handles, making it easier for the box to move to another place as needed.  

The box’s lid comes with safety hinges so that your child does not pinch his/her finger. 

 The construction of the toy box allows the box to ventilate well, which helps toys and the chest to remain odour free. Sounds exciting, right? Aren’t these features good enough to make this toy storage box the best toy box for living room? We think it is. 


  • Dimensions (inches): 30.55 x 18.27 x 19.6
  • Weight: 35.91 pounds 
  • Material: MDF 
  • Brand: Kid Kraft  
  • Colour: Available in seven different colours, including white, cherry and natural colour. 
  • Extra feature: safety hinges for the lid 
  • Extremely safe for children
  • Extraordinary unique design
  • Adds to the beauty of room
  • Cool color
  • Air-breathing material and structure.
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Robust handles to carry
  • It’s a heavy toy box
  • Less durable hinges.

3. Sorbus Toy Chest with Flip-Top Lid – Best Collapsible Toy Box For kids 

Sorbus brings you the best in lightweight and manoeuvrability; this toy box weighs just five pounds, making it the lightest weighted and best toy box for living room.  

Plus, this storage box is collapsible, the whole structure can be folded and placed under your bed, or any other place when not needed or when cleaning the living room is required.  

What’s cooler is that the top lid of the toy box is detachable, meaning that if you need to stuff the chest with an extra toy, then that’s possible too.  

The lid is attached through Velcro, which can be attached and detached at any given time; this makes it a good choice, especially when your kids often require toys and don’t want to deal with the hassle of opening the toy box every time they need something from it. 

Another cool feature of this product is that there are two compartments in the chest; you can uniquely organize your child’s toys, large toys, and big ones in the other compartment.  

This partition is also connected via Velcro, so you can detach it to accommodate larger and longer toys or another item.  

Coming to its material: it’s made up of durable and flexible non-woven fabric, which will last for years depending upon the usage. So it is a durable and the best toy box for living room that you can buy undoubtedly. 


  • Dimensions (inches): 27.5 x 15 x 16 
  • Weight: 4.99 pounds
  • Material: soft non-woven fabric
  • Brand: Sorbus
  • Colour: Available in grey, beige and chevron pattern with grey and white colour
  • Extra feature: detachable lid and partition wall
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Easily foldable to fit in narrow spaces.
  • Detachable yet durable lid
  • Adjustable compartments.
  • Amazingly foldable.
  • Soft and eye catchy colors.
  • Long lasting fabric quality.
  • Vulnerable to deformation if not used within the recommended filling capacity.
  • The Velcro might get marred with overuse.

4. Humble Crew, Natural/Primary Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer – Best Living Room Toy Storage Box. 

If you are looking for a toy box that is large and wholesome with different compartments for placing toys, then the best solution is the Humble crew tow storage organizer.  

It has got twelve plastic bins of sturdy construction to place toys that make it the best toy box for living room.  

Four portions are large to accommodate the jumbo size toys, while the rest are standard sized. The good thing about it is that it saves you from the hassle of finding the toy for your child.  

Now your children do not have to cry anymore for their lost toy as this toy box is simply perfect for protecting the toys.  

Another feature is that the compartments are at forty-five degrees angle, making it easier for the child to pick and select the toys.  

Your child does not need to make a mess by pulling out every other toy from the box to pick up the toy buried deep down in the box; this toy box has multiple boxes so that everything stays visible and on the surface for your child to select his/her toys easily.  

This is the thing which we call the best toy box for living room.  


  • Dimensions (inches): 15.5 x 42 x 31  
  • Weight: 24.9 pounds
  • Material: Wooden legs and plastic bins
  • Containers: eight standard size and four large containers
  • Brand: Humble Crew
  • Colour; Available in six different colours
  • Extra feature: forty-five degrees tilted bins for clear sight
  • Spacious toy box with twelve containers.
  • Made up of sturdy wooden and plastic material.
  • Easier for kids to choose.
  • Large containers can accommodate bigger toys.
  • Best to prevent mess.
  • Plastic material bins do not play along well for the environment.
  • The toy box can be toppled if deliberate force is applied, which might result in injuries.

5. 1:64 Scale Toy Cars Matchbox Wheels Diecast Display Case Wall Cabinet Rack Hot-(NO Door No Cover) – Best Toy Box For Living Room

Do your kids love cars? Are you finding it hard to place their cars in a conventional chest fashioned toy box because you fear that those expensive cars will get damaged?  

Well, no worries, we have brought you just the right choice to protect and display those beautiful cars that your kids love. 

Display Gifts bring you a huge acrylic material wall cabinet measuring approximately 2 feet in length, two inches of depth and one and a half feet of height.  

There are fifty-six compartments for cars to fit in. Now your child can proudly show off their car collection with their friends and family while your living room stays neat and tidy. Isn’t it wonderful? If so, call it the best toy box for living room. 

Also, there is a great feature in this product that it can be mounted on the wall, which also saves you space, especially the ground space, which is not an option in other toy boxes.  

The compartments are translucent and are made to highlight the collection of the cars, which makes it a perfect choice for hot wheels lovers. 

 Moreover, there is no irritating sliding door that is difficult to operate for your child; he/she have to pick and play without worrying about the lids or doors close.  


  • Dimensions (inches): 23.5 x 2 x 15 
  • Compartments: 56 
  • Material: acrylic
  • Brand: DisplayGifts
  • Colour: Black frame with translucent compartments
  • Extra feature: wall mounting
  • Fifty-six compartments for cars
  • a unique toy organizer for your children to stack delicate cars,
  • There is no door or lid.
  • The whole rack can be mounted on the wall
  • This rack adds a unique beauty to your wall
  • Robust and easy to clean and maintain.
  • There is no place to accommodate bigger cars.
  • The cars can slip and drop if not placed properly

Buying Guide for Getting the Best Toy Box For Living Room 

With a wide variety of toy boxes available for your room, you might find yourself in a bit of confusion, but don’t worry, we have simplified things for you.  

Below is a selection guide that will help you find the best toy box for living room that will fill the need and look appealing in your living room. 


When selecting a toy box for your living room, one of the most important aspects is analyzing the space you require; if your child has an army of toys, you should go for a chest type toy box.  

Other options available include toy boxes with compartments, but you will need a bigger one if you need to put too many toys. 


If you and your child love that all the toys are sorted in their respective places so that your child can find his favourite car in a whiff, then you should go for toy boxes that have separate compartments.  

This will make it easier for your child and easier for you to keep track of your child’s toy collection. 


There are many material options for different uses; you should select those that best suit your needs. If your child has toys that have too many blunt edges and are generally heavy in construction and weight, then you should go for boxes that are made up of good quality wood or metal.  

On the other hand, if there are only a few toys that need their home, then there are options which include toy boxes made of straw, yarn and cotton rope. 


Many designs come with upholstery, such as leather, linen and yarn. You can choose any of them depending on your need.  

A good tip is to avoid those leather products which have a certain weird smell in their housing.  

Another great tip is to avoid that upholstery that might get stuck into the sharp edges of your child’s toys. 


The right colour to match your living room furniture is important because you don’t want the toy box to stand out weirdly in your living room.  

There are a lot of selection options such as black, brown, cream etc. Generally speaking, most of the toy boxes have colours that are not too bright; they are usually sober in their appearance. You can choose according to your child’s taste. 

Living Room Space 

The right choice makes the perfect fit; choosing a large toy box for a compact room might get you in difficulty.  

There are many options available, including collapsing and foldable toy boxes, so you should always measure and analyze where you will place the toy box where it not only looks good but does not hinder any walkway in your room. 

Extra features 

Many of the organizers come with added features such as detachable lids, safety hinges to protect your child’s hand, and so on that get them into the list of the best toy box for living room. 

There are other features such as detachable and transformable compartments and lids; the last but not the least, two in one ottoman plus toy box so you can reap the benefits of an ottoman plus the chest. 

Final Words 

It is almost certain that you need the best toy box for living room if you want to give it a tidy look and want your children to be happy at the same time. There are a lot of different options for you to pick with.  

Given the circumstances that you live in a small house or apartment where space is an issue, and yet you need a toy box, then our recommendation would be the Sorbus Toy Chest; its great and classical with plenty of room to accommodate toys while it is very easy to fold it up and place it anywhere you need. 

If you don’t have an issue with space and want a decent looking organizer, then go for the Humble Crew toy organizer; this one has many separate compartments; it comes in handy if you have more than one child with a huge collection of toys. 

If you want to give your living room a classic look and don’t want to spoil it with a funny looking toy box, go with Otto & ben folding toy box. This one also acts as an ottoman and will compliment your living room furniture.  

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and quickly grab hold of an awesome toy storage for your living room! 

Also, leave your precious thoughts about this piece of information we provided you. 

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