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Best Bedroom Floor Fan Comparison Chart

Buying the best bedroom floor fan becomes necessary for unbearable heat, especially in summers. You deserve a peaceful sleep full of fresh and clean air at your home, significantly in your bedroom.

Furthermore, these fan for the bedroom is not there to provide you with cool air and purify it.

There are many different varieties of the fan to choose from, each with its various functions and uses. Some best bedroom floor fans are indeed best to provide you with the perfect air at bed height, while others are available at floor height to cool you off while you sit comfortably for work at home or office.

Other fans, which are more technologically advanced, provide you automatic fan speed control and ionizing air option; they can also offer you a moist stream of air that is suited for a dry environment, along with temperature control and timer options.

Best Picks for Bedroom Floor Fans

Fans are an essential part of your household to cool you off and to make you feel refreshed.

 They come in various size and shapes; each fan provides you with the fresh air you require in appropriate quantities. If you have decided on the best bedroom floor fan, the following are our top picks for your bedroom.

1. Lasko Portable Electric 42″ Oscillating Tower Fan

best bedroom floor fan

This fan is a beast in itself, it looks slender, but it works superbly; great for apartment bedrooms or areas with small space. It has a small footprint while standing at the height of forty-two inches, making it the best bedroom floor fan.

The features include a timer setting if you need to save the extra electricity bill or the air is no longer required while you sleep.

There are three different air throw modes such as the low, medium and high. A great addition to its feature is the air decontamination, so now you have to worry less about ventilating your bedroom while still enjoying the cosy air with this Portable Gizmo.

This piece of art is also great for people who have rented the place and do not want to install a big ceiling fan; you can easily install it and take it anywhere you want. This fan is a fine choice as its looks are super awesome and eye-catching.

Lasko portable fan is an oscillating device, which means it can provide you air in a broad spectrum; now, everyone can enjoy the refreshing breeze alongside their loved ones.

Remote control is also available with the fan to remotely operate it from the comfort of your bed; you don’t have to stand up and manually change the air settings and directions.

Last but not least, it comes with a night mode which adjusts the white noise to help you sleep; the fan speed is also kept on auto during this mode.


  • Dimensions (inches) : 13 x 13 x 42.5 
  • Weight (pounds): 12.1
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Plastic
  • Control: Remote control


  • It acquires very little space.
  • Air ionizing option available.
  • Three different airflow ranges for every unique need.
  • The oscillating mechanism of the fan is noise-free 
  • It provides you with a balanced amount of air over an acceptable range.


  • Does not possess as powerful air throw.

2. Vornado 783 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator

best bedroom floor fan

If there is one fan that can cool your whole bedroom with fresh circulating air, then the Vornado 783 is among one of these. It is a powerful machine that provides an atmosphere up to a hundred feet; you don’t have to worry about positioning the fan close to your bed or couch anymore. That’s the reason we call it the best bedroom floor fan.

It comes with a full plastic fan head which is tiltable so that you can direct the airflow in any way you want, while the foundation is composed of a metal pole that is angular in design and hence its modern look.

The rotating head of this fan is unlike any other fan; it includes angular designed blades that provide a powerful stream of air to your room.

The specialized air duct, grill and accelerator of the fan head further intensifies the throw of the air. Therefore, you can place this fan at the corners of your bedroom to circulate the perspective of your room while still enjoying the fresh breezes.


  • Dimensions (inches) : 5.91 x 5.12 x 0.39
  • Weight (pounds): 12
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal pole with plastic head
  • Control: Cordless, manual button controlled
  • Adjustable height (inches): 28 – 41
  • Fan Speed: 1,550 RPM


  • It can throw a refreshing breeze up to a hundred feet, making it the best choice for the more oversized bedroom.
  • The unique design of the pole makes it an attractive decoration for a modern household.
  • The fan head can be tilted even upwards.
  • Specialized grill design promotes the propagation of air in a broader direction.
  • This product comes with a fantastic five-year warranty.


  • The rotating mechanism is somehow not satisfactory.
  • There is no automatic oscillation option.

3. DecoBREEZE Pedestal Fan

best bedroom floor fan

The standard Pedestal fan never goes out of fashion. It is the most convenient setup for many old school people.

The Deco Breeze brings you a powerful fan built to last for ages and comes with a three-year warranty to make it the best bedroom floor fan.

Made out of stainless steel, the finishing is available in two types: copper brushed and brushed stainless. These colours may look simple, but they are a decent choice for your bedroom; they will suit a healthy copper-coloured theme and also well with a grey coloured bedroom theme.

As far as the assembly is concerned, it should only take fifteen minutes to assemble; each installation method is neatly presented in its manual.

Now let’s talk about its construction specifics: it comes with a firm standing base upon which the pole is fixed and at the top is the motor housing and the fan grill and blades.

There is an adjustable knob at the back of the motor housing through which you can choose between three different fan speeds.

An oscillation button is also provided at the top of the motor housing; to set it at rotating mode, you have to press the knob down and pull it back up if you need the fan to be set at stationery mode.

The pole height is adjustable, which means you can enjoy the cool air at different sizes in your bedroom, whether you or on your bed, chair or couch; this fan has got you covered.

 The fan height can be adjusted from thirty-seven inches to forty-nine inches, plus there’s another knob on the pole through which you can adjust the tilt of the fan in case you need extra air concentration. So it is undoubtedly the best bedroom floor fan.

So are you ready to grab this unique product?


  • Dimensions (inches) : 18 x 18 x 48
  • Weight (pounds): 14
  • Colour: Copper brushed & Stainless brushed
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Control: Corded
  • Adjustable height (inches): 37 -39
  • Rotating head size: sixteen inches
  • Fan Speed: 900 – 1280 RPM


  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Stainless steel structure makes this fan a rough and rugged machine.
  • Sixteen-inch fan head provides ample airflow at a single time.
  • Copper finishing gives it a unique look along with the ability to withstand erosion.
  • Fan speed can be set up to 1,280 revolutions per minute.


  •  Too loud even at a low-speed setting.
  • The cord of the motor starts from the motorhead above, which poses a tripping hazard.

4. Honeywell HYF290E4 Quiet Set Tower Fan

best bedroom floor fan

Looking for the best bedroom floor fan but found nothing? Here it is. Honeywell brings you to state the art, sleek and advanced tower fan. Standing at approximately three feet tall, this fan provides you with a very comforting air in your bedroom.

It comes with various air settings: from sleep till power cool; there are eight different air levels to choose from. The fan noise is the least at sleep mode during the most audible at power relaxed manner.

Apart from these excellent features, it comes with a timer so you can select for how long it runs; timer options are one, two, four and eight hours, so now you can save your batteries and your energy at the comfort of your bed.

Talking about comfort, you should know that this awesome fan also comes with remote control, so if you are having one of those lazy Sundays and you don’t want to get out of your bed even to switch on your fan, we have got you covered.

The remote control lets you select some of the basic options you want, making this fan a complete package.

As if these excellent features were not enough, you can also choose to control the light intensity of the panel to maximize complete darkness during your comfy sleep. So you can call it the best bedroom floor fan that is ideal for a good rest.

Again, this fan is a must-have for your bedroom if you look for a fan with various airflow settings and intelligent control.


  • Dimensions (inches) : 7.87 x 10.62 x 32.67
  • Weight (pounds): 8.81
  • Colour: Black
  • Control: remote-controlled & manual
  • Adjustable height (inches): fixed
  • Oscillation options: 80 degree
  • Fan Speed modes: 8 different modes


  • It comes with eight different fan speed modes,
  • One of the most versatile products.
  • Multiple timer options were available to save you from the hassle of getting up from your bed to turn the fan off.
  • Whisper quiet mode available for deep sleep,
  • The panel lights can be dimmed or even turn off to reduce unwanted light in your bedroom.
  • The base of the fan is a broad one.
  • Extra stable compared to other tower fans with the base width the same as the rest of their body.

5. PELONIS 16-Inch 3-Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan

best bedroom floor fan

If you are looking for a pedestal fan with modern features, then go no further, PELONIS Speed Oscillating pedestal fan is there to help you satisfy your needs.

Standing at four feet tall, this fan features a sixteen-inch fan head to provide you with the perfect breeze you need during the hottest days of summer. Its white matte colour gives it a unique look that will blend in almost every type of bedroom type and make it the best bedroom floor fan for you that is charming too.

You must be thinking that it is just like other pedestal fans, which can only be operated by pressing down the hard knobs on the fan head; the answer is yes and no, meaning that this fan can be used both manually and through remote.

So now you never have to worry about changing the fan speed by disturbing your peaceful sleep in your bedroom.

This fan-like other pedestal fans can be also be operated in oscillation mode but, what’s better in this one is that the fan head can be tilted vertically, which makes it a unique product.

Most of the pedestal fans have this problem that the only direct the airflow horizontally; leaving most of the airflow untargeted, which results in improper air throw along with increased electricity bill; of course, you would set the fan speed on high if you do not get adequate air in the medium or low setting mode. That’s the quality of the best bedroom floor fan.

But while using a PELONIS fan, you are served most pleasantly and effectively.


  •  Dimensions (inches) : 17.91 x 15.75 x 48.43
  • Weight (pounds): 11.37
  • Color: White Matte
  • Control: remote controlled & manual.
  • Adjustable height (inches): from 3.5 to 4 feet.
  • Oscillation options: 80 degrees with vertical tilt option.
  • Fan Speed modes: 3 different modes


  • This pedestal fan comes with a remote-control option which is rare in such fans.
  • The fan head can be tilted up and down to concentrate the airflow at your desired location.
  • The matte finish of the product makes it easy to maintain and clean.
  • The grill and the blades are easily detachable.
  • The timer option is also available in this beautiful widget.


  • Annoying sounds.
  • The structure of the fan is delicate.

6. Ocean Loong AB01 Bladeless Table Fan

best bedroom floor fan

If you are looking for the safest fan on the market with zero chances of accidents due to fan blades, then go no further; Ocean Loong’s fan is here to support you.

Many of the users find it dangerous that a large and scary fan blade is placed in their bedroom, which makes continuous chopping sounds and might hurt children if they put their finger inside the grill and yes, their concerns are correct, floor fans have this type of risk but not for this one.

So, if you are looking for a bladeless fan that provides you with a soothing breeze of air directly where you want it, then it’s high time you buy this product.

What’s more, it has nine different airflow settings and a timer option that is enough to call it the best bedroom floor fan. So, if you and your child get uncomfortable with the constant whooshing air blows, this fan can take care of this problem, you have to tap the remote control, and that’s it; the fan will go silent and throw less air.

Interestingly, this fan makes noise less than forty-eight decibels; therefore, you never have to worry about your child waking up or having difficulty sleeping due to the chopper noises that other fans generate.


  • Dimensions (inches): 28.11x 11.65 x 7.71
  • Weight (pounds): 6.83
  • Color: White
  • Control: remote controlled & manual.
  • Adjustable height (inches): fixed.
  • Oscillation options: 80 degrees.
  • Fan Speed modes: 9 different modes


  • This fan is a classic blade-less product
  •  Child & pet safe.
  • Nine different air throw modes for additional requirements throughout the day.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Extra quiet operation.
  • The space required is less as compared to most of the other bedroom fans.


  • The height of the fan is not suitable.
  • There is no tilt for the rotating head.

Buying Guide for The Best Bedroom Floor Fan

Are you planning to buy the best bedroom floor fan for your bedroom but not sure where to start with? Don’t panic! We have got you covered with one of the best insights to cater to your individual needs.

 Choosing the right one that does the right job is very important for you to provide yourself with the most satisfactory experience. So consider these tips and factors while buying your product.

Specific Use

Pedestal fans come in handy if you want to have a solution for you while you sleep on your bed. They come with a long stand, so you don’t have to worry even if your mattress is at a higher elevation.

On the other hand, if you need a fan that would automatically turn off and change cooling and fan speed while you comfortably sleep, then an oscillating fan might be your best pick.

Bedroom Size

If you have a bedroom that is small in size or barely has any space to add any furniture, then you should go for the when which is the slenderest and the one which acquires less space; speaking of which, oscillating fans come to mind, which is a vertically structured pole like fans.

These sit quietly in the room and rotate about their axis to provide you with fresh air like the best bedroom floor fan.

Noise pollution

Many of the fans with a higher air throw generally produce much more noise than low powered ones.

They are mostly pedestal fans with high power motors at the back of the petals, which makes these scary noises; nevertheless, it also depends upon the construction of the fan. Many of the pedestal fans now come with quite a mode for a better sleep experience.

Health Safety

It is the foremost factor you should count on while buying the best bedroom floor fan. Many fan lovers avoid floor fans because they think it will pose an injury risk, especially for them. The good news is that many fans come with an extra secure fan cage, preventing anyone from poking a finger in it.

Though, you must be careful as to where you intend to place the fan; putting a floor standing fan in a high traffic bedroom area might result in you being tumbled and the fan is broken.


No wonder bedroom floor fans are a necessity when it comes to the summer season. There is no better way to relieve yourself of heat when it comes to cost-effectiveness; one of the best choices for killing the heat will be a floor fan.

The safest and less space acquiring fan in our list is the Ocean Loong bladeless fan, while if you are searching for a fan that shall perfectly deliver a powerful stream of air, then go no further than the PELONIS pedestal fan.

Now choose your best fan and grab it up with a single click. This is all you have to do to get a peaceful, airy bedroom.

Let us know if you are still missing something or have any query about this guide.

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